Whitepaper Chapter 8 – Legal Terms and Disclaimer

8.1 - General -

Please read the following conditions carefully

The Followine platform / application was designed and implemented by Followine S.r.l, a company incorporated under Italian law ("Company"), to which all the rights related to the intellectual property of the project belong.

Before participating in the ICO / ITO, it is advisable to consult all documents and policies on the websites www.followine.io and www.followine.eu and to seek advice from a legal and / or tax and / or financial consultant and / or any other professional.

This white paper does not constitute an invitation and / or an incentive to engage in any investment activity towards the company or any other person. Any agreement between the company and the buyer / user, aimed at the sale / purchase of tokens, is governed by separate documents.

The purpose of this white paper is to provide all the necessary information regarding the project realized by the company Followine s.r.l.

This document describes current developments of the platform / app and all the functionalities and structure of the Followine ecosystem. It was written exclusively for information purposes only and have  not be considered a declaration of future intent.

Nothing contained in this white paper can be considered as a promise, representation or binding commitment.

The company reserves the right to modify this document. In this case, it will promptly inform users about the changes.

The company, its directors, employees and consultants are not responsible towards buyers and / or users, relatively  to data and information, and in general to all statements, implicit or explicit. Therefore, each buyer and / or user is required to carry out evaluations, analyzes and reflections based on his / her own skills, with the help of expert consultants.

Any provision mentioned in this document may not be respected due to multiple risk factors, including, without limitation, development, industry regulations and / or other.

This white paper and all the documents on the websites www.followine.io and www.followine.eu are not intended for distribution and / or use by persons residing in countries where it is not permitted by law.

It is the purchaser / user’s   responsibility to check if this activity is allowed permitted by law in his / her country of residence / provenance. The company assumes no responsibility.


8.2 - KYC / AML Policy -

The company has adopted a KYC / AML policy to prevent and mitigate the potential risks of involvement in any type of illegal activity and to identify the buyer and make sure that he / she meets the requirements to participate in the ICO. The user identification information is collected, stored, shared and strictly protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy and in compliance with the provisions of EU Reg. 2016/679.

The company undertakes to constantly comply with international regulations and guidelines on anti-money laundering and on the protection of personal data.

The company reserves the right to suspend the user account if it has the justified reason to believe that a specific user is using the Followine platform in violation of the terms of use and / or for illegal and / or illegal purposes.

By registering with Followine and using the services offered by them, by purchasing the Token WineCoin, the recipient declares that he / she has read and understood this document and accepts the conditions and limitations contained therein.

8.3 - Token WineCoin -

The WineCoin token falls into the TOKEN UTILITY category and can not be compared to a financial instrument. However, please note that any current tolerance and / or regulatory practice may change may suddenly change.

WineCoin tokens do not give rights, such as the right to receive profits from the business, nor administrative rights, such as voting rights in the assembly, and are to be considered as a functional unit for the use of the platform / app .

Tokens do not confer governance rights on the Platform / app and / or the Company. All decisions concerning the Company and / or the Platform will be taken by the administrative body of the Company, including decisions to implement or interrupt the project.

Tokens do not confer any ownership rights on assets and / or assets of any kind. No rights over goods and / or services are at the basis of the value of the tokens. The company does not issue profit guarantees.

Potential buyers of tokens should evaluate all the risks and uncertainties associated with the Followine project, before purchasing tokens.

WineCoin tokens should not be acquired for speculative and / or investment purposes with the expectation of making a profit.

By participating in the ICO, and therefore buying / selling / owning the WineCoin tokens involves risks. These risks and / or unpredictable present and / or future events could cause the ICO to fail, the token destruction or unusability. For these reasons, any buyer may be exposed to the risk of total loss of the value of the tokens. The purchaser who buys the WineCoin tokens declares that he understands these conditions and, therefore, he is fully aware that he can not claim any right to refund the purchased tokens.

8.4 - Risks -

The platform may undergo significant changes, various features of the platform, including terms and conditions, structure, purpose, source codes, infrastructure design could be changed without notice.

Furthermore, the company may experience unpredictable and unsolvable difficulties during development and the project may end or be delayed at any time.

Given the current regulatory uncertainties, government authorities and / or regulators could take regulatory and / or regulatory actions that are not favorable to the project and this could lead to a slowdown, suspension and / or interruption.

Token and platform development and token sales operations may require third-party contractors. The costs associated with these contractors can be significantly higher than those currently estimated.

The Company expects to issue additional WineCoin tokens outside the ICO according to the methods described in this document. Furthermore, the Company may raise funds for the implementation of the Platform through any other method deemed appropriate and necessary.

8.5 - Token volatility -

Everything concerning the circulation of WineCoin tokens, after the initial sale, is an aspect that does not fall within the responsibility of the Company. In addition, tokens may never be listed on any exchange platform.

Even if the tokens were listed, the value of the tokens could be very volatile for reasons such as social perceptions, delays in platform development, fluctuations, market dynamics, regulatory changes and political factors.

8.6 - Regulations -

The Company expects that the circulation of WineCoin tokens may be subject to more or less favorable regulations and, for this reason, it may be necessary to obtain licenses and / or authorizations. It is also possible that some countries will not issue the required licenses and / or authorizations.

The Company may receive formal or informal requests, notices and / or inspections by governmental and / or regulatory authorities. When these circumstances occur, the Company may be required to:

a) suspend and / or interrupt the Token Sale;

b) provide the data of buyers and / or users who participated in the ICO, purchased / sold WineCoin token and / or made transactions.

The buyer and / or user may be subject to inspections, requests, checks and / or measures by the government authorities for participating in the ICO, for having purchased / sold / held token.

8.7 - Tax and accounting

The WineCoin token transactions may be subject to particular and different tax regulations. The current tax regime in relation to tokens is not well defined and it can not be ruled out that in the future, even retroactive, burdensome regulations could be enacted. The tax treatment related to tokens and cryptocurrencies in general may vary from one country to another.

The buyer who participates in the ICO, which makes the sale and / or purchase of tokens, may be subject to particular present or future taxation.

The Company may receive formal or informal requests, notices, requests or summons from the tax authorities, to which it may provide the required information regarding the ICO, sale and / or purchase of WineCoin tokens.

8.8 Final provisions

These conditions may vary, without notice, in order to comply with any regulations and provisions issued from time to time.

Before proceeding with the purchase of WineCoins it is strongly recommended to consult the token sale agreement, which contains the complete contractual discipline.