Whitepaper Chapter 7 – Team

As previously highlighted, our team has been working on this project for some time and gave birth, two years ago, to the company Followine Srl

High profile professionals joined the original team, bringing a real added value to the project thanks to their skills: we strongly wanted in our team not only experts in the wine industry and blockchain, but also lawyers, experts in finance and risk management, marketing and communication professionals. The reason is very simple: we wanted to analyze the project in all its shadows, to continuously improve it and respond to the needs of an ever-changing world.


Erika Rosenstein, ICO Advisor, has been working for years as Financial Reporter and Trader before starting her career as Blockchain and ICO Advisor for startups and Public Entities - dealing with Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Investor Relations. She founded and manages an online magazine dedicated to business, finance and startup. She chose to be part of the Followine team because "it is a solid project, which aims to provide a concrete solution to a real problem: counterfeiting in the wine industry”.


Raffaele Della Rotonda, , Legal and ICO Advisor, is a lawyer who has gained significant experience in various areas of domestic and international company law. He also deals with Privacy and Data Protection, Legal Tech, international trade and taxation. He works as ICO and Legal Advisor for companies and Public Entities and says about Followine: "Followine is a project with high potential, elaborated by young and ambitious minds. It excites me to be part of a project that aims to protect the made-in".


Emiliano Giustarini, Sales Manager, has always been involved in business development strategies for the companies he works for. In Followine, he deals with commercial development, creating contacts and focusing on the acquisition, in our circuit, of wineries that share our philosophy. He is in Followine because "If you love it, you follow it (the wine!)".


Giuseppe Morra, Full stack DEV, began programming at the age of 15 and very young participates in the Blackberry Jam Americas, Florida, being the only Italian to take part in the competition being financed by same Blackberry. He worked as a programmer for several companies before joining Followine, of which he says: "It is a project that involves several innovative technologies, in which I have the opportunity to give my best".


Armando Ponticelli, Graphic Designer, from an early age showed a strong interest in the creative arts and the IT world, to the point of making them converge in a profession. In Followine he deals with giving a graphic look to the ideas of the team, which is of great visual impact and respects the corporate vision. He joined Followine because "it represents an opportunity to get closer to the world of blockchain, working with a team of dynamic and ambitious people".


Ermanno Petrenga graduated in economics at Luigi Vanvitelli of Caserta, master in economics and management. Over the years he had the opportunity to deepen the start-up sector, thanks to his first activity in the 3D printing sector – started five years ago. He is currently in charge in our Fiscal and Administrative department.


Daria Maliutyna , young sommelier of the 3rd level of the FIS, a lover of red wines. In addition to the passion for wine, she cultivates a passion for languages: she currently speaks and writes 4 different languages and is now studying the fifth ones, German: " Without a glass of good red wine, life would not be such an extraordinary journey".


Michele Massaro , back-end DEV, is a computer scientist with a degree from Federico II of Naples. He started working for several companies as an external consultant before graduating. Over the years he has acquired more and more experience also helped by his curiosity and an out of the ordinary intellect. "Being a developer in Followine is very challenging, thanks to the amazing ideas developed, and thanks to the informal and dynamic environment that makes you feel very comfortable. At the same time, it makes you feel very productive: you never lose time, since the sector of reference is well defined and the goal to be achieved is set clearly ".


Fabio Guida, Founder and CEO of Followine. In short, he is basically Followine.

"Why do you have to believe in Followine? Because we believe in it. We know the value of the sacrifices and the value of money, considering that the monthly expenses of the team are under € 5,000. We use that money for our rentals, our machines, our office, our food and leisure.

For us, the astronomical figures of an ICO are not a fairy tale nor a goal; they are a big responsibility, a burden to carry, something useful to grow and make it real what we believe in.

In fact, we want our profits to come from the project and not from the ICO. For these reasons and for many others, we decided to take maximum 5% of tokens and 4% of funds raised. Just as a sign of recognition for the time spent and the sacrifices made for the project.

But if you are not of this opinion, let us know and in November on the ICO website we will open a vote and you can decide the part due to the team, in full compliance with the principles of transparency in which we believe, your decision will be written within the smart contract of our token.

The project is very ambitious, being not a simple anti-counterfeiting system but a new method to spread and protect the history, culture and traditions of a thousand-year world. And we believe that this is the biggest competitive advantage of Followine, that no competitor can ever match. Why?

Because to do this a new hardware or a new location is not essential; what is indispensable are people: their dreams, their strength, their skills and their desire to win. All things that can not be bought or emulated. So, first of all, we are looking for people with whom to grow up”.

          Fabio Guida