First True Limited cryptocurrency correlated to WINE anticounterfeiting Earn WineCoin by scanning Qrcodes, and Help us to protect Wine Culture.

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What is Followine and why the WineCoin?

Followine is the first ecosystem that aims to fight against the counterfeiting of wine, by using the Blockchain Technology. Followine is a circuit based on WineCoin, a Token that provides self-sustainability and inclusiveness to the entire Followine circuit.

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“Create a global eco-system that connects wine world stakeholders and consumers together, encouraging the realization of new international communication and business model”


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The consumer, simply by scanning QR codes, receives points that will be converted into WineCoin. The consumers can use them on the Followine marketplace or on e-commerce partners, or they can store them in their wallet and / or convert them to FIAT.

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E-commerce, and other partners, can use WineCoins to purchase Followine services, such as Wine Scanner, or buy wine from participating producers and / or convert them to Fiat.

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Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO


The manufacturer can pay Followine anti-counterfeiting services; in addition, he can purchase additional services in WineCoin or use them as exchange coin on the Followine B2B platform.

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Followine Tokens that will come back to Followine will be inserted into the circuit and distributed through the scans of the QR codes. In this way, we will create the first circulating Token among several stakeholders. This is what an Utility Token means to be, for us!!!

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Followine QR

Thanks to our free mobile app you can scan any QR code really fast. To find out if a bottle of wine is authentic, simply scan the Followine QR on the rear bottle label. Each scan has a prize, in order to involve users and thank them for their contribution to the fight against counterfeiting. Download the Followine app too.

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Pre-register Airdrop here.

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  • Token Name WineCoin
  • Symbol WINE
  • Token Type ERC-20
  • Max Decimals 3
  • Max Potential Supply 250.000.000
  • Tokens for Sale 135.000.000
  • Tokens For sale Pre-ICO 15.000.000
  • Tokens For sale ICO 120.000.000
  • Token Price € 0,10
  • Token Price Pre-ICO -70%
  • Token Date Sale Dic/2018
  • Closing Date 28 Mar 2019
  • Soft Cap ICO € 1.000.000
  • Hard Cap ICO € 12.000.000
  • Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC
  • Minimum Payment€ 100,00
    • Crowdsell Sale crowd Whitepaper ICO
    • Mining/Validator Coin Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO
    • Bounty & Airdrop Token Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO
    • Team Followine team ICO
    • Advisor Followine advisor DA-ICO
    • Exchange token wine coin exchange ICO
    Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO

    Guaranteed Value

    Since the Followine Token is inserted in a growing economic circuit and not a stand-alone crypto, we can guarantee its purchasing power regardless of the listing.

    On the Followine platform, you can use WineCoin as an exchange currency, at a guaranteed minimum value of € 0.10 regardless of the value of the token on the respective exchanges.


    Followine pilot project whitepaper ICO


    Followine pilot coin ITO


    Pilot starts with the first Italian companies that believed in the project.

    2018 November

    Start Bounty & Airdrop and whitelist subscription

    2018 December

    Pre-sale - 70% bonus


    followine ICO

    February 2019

    Thanks to the crowd-sale we could have more consumers, more customers and enough funds to improve the whole project
    ITO token investment ICO

    2019 April

    End of Token distribution cfor bounty and airdrop

    2019 December

    Listing WineCoin
    Buy token ITO

    Engine On

    Compra bitcoin ICO


    Our B2B platform will start and the entire WineCoin circuit will be launched with all its B2B / B2C features on. New partnerships, new products, new services, many new features.

    2020 January

    Start distribution Token Advisor and Team

    2020 July

    Launch of marketplace for e-commerce and producers

    Followine 2.0

    Followine algorithm ICO


    Second version of the algorithm will be improved by new data analysis and forecast calculation
    Followine Algorithm ICO

    2021 July

    Release Wallet Followine for Hyperledger.

    2021 September

    Final phase of the beta stage for blockchain based on Hyperledger and PoET consensus for B2B partners.
    Blockchain bitcoin buy


    Blockchain buy bitcoin


    The new Blockchain will allow us to trace every single bunch of grapes. The principles: Decentralized, Public, Transparent, Self-sustainable, Included, Fast and Economic

    2022 January

    Activation of the "Burnout" function

    2022 July

    Start with single grapes tracing


    AI Italian Followine


    SARA is born to help us to realize our vision. The new AI will allow us not only to automate and improve processes but even to be able to prevent more and more types of counterfeiting.
    AI security crypto
    Followine ICO rating Followine ICO Rating Followine TrackICO rating

    We know the value of the sacrifices and the value of money,
    consider that the team monthly expenses are less than 5.000€.
    We use them for our rentals, our cars, our office,
    our food, and our moments of relax.

    Leopoldo Salve Followine social media ICO

    Leopoldo Salve

    Social Media Manager

    Giuseppe Morra Followine developer Whitepaper DA-ICO

    Giuseppe Morra


    Emiliano Giustarini Followine commerciale sale

    Emiliano Giustarini

    Sales Manager

    Giovanni Casagrande Followine advisor ICO

    Giovanni Casagrande

    ICO Advisor

    Giacomo Arcaro Followine advisor ICO

    Giacomo Arcaro

    ICO Advisor

    Erika Rosenstein Followine advisor finanza ICO

    Erika Rosenstein

    ICO Advisor

    Quentin Herbrecht Followine advisor ICO

    Quentin Herbrecht

    ICO Advisor

    Savio Gomez Followine advisor ICO

    Savio Gomez

    ICO Advisor


    IBM Aruba Cloud Microsoft BizSpark


    [DAICO - ITA] Followine, la piattaforma Blockchain per combattere la contraffazione del vino

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    IBM is now an Official Partner of Followine

    The giant of IBM technology, founded in 1911 and has always been a pioneer of technological innovation

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    FolloWine è una giovane startup che nasce nella Provincia di Caserta con la missione di combattere il fenomeno della contraffazione nel settore del vino

    read more

    Utilizzando la tecnologia Qr Code e Nfc e Rfid, con smartphone e fotocamera, si saprà tutto su tracciabilità e autenticità di una bottiglia di vino

    read more

    Si chiama “Followine” ed è una giovane startup nata nella Provincia di Caserta con la missione di combattere il fenomeno della contraffazione

    read more

    Oggi intervistiamo Giuseppe Garofalo di Followine, startup casertana che ha ideato un sistema di tracciamento da applicare alle bottiglie di vino

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    Followine, giovane startup. Nasce nella provincia di Caserta. La sua missione: Evitare la contraffazione delle bottiglie di vino.

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    Frequently Ask Question

    Are other Crypto really limited and scarcity?
    Well hypothetical yes, because they have just 18 decimals, in most case, but in real world they aren’t.

    What means limited and scarcity resource?

    Scarcity refers to a gap between limited resources and theoretically limitless want.

    A scarce good is a good that has more demand than supply.

    Ex. The demand of a coin, in this case BNB (binance), can’t reach the supply limit, because the max supply is 192,443,301.0000000000000000000 that means that the max supply value can be at present market value

    €1,911,514,493 Trillion, according to Federal Reserve and Money Project the Broad Money Value is 90.4 Trillion Dollars. So, the Supply are going to be always Bigger than the Demand, because the demand can’t reach in any case the value of the max value of the supply.

    WineCoin and 3 Decimals

    For that reasons we studied our market and find out the right decimal numbers for WineCoin.

    The Wine market value, according to, is $ 155 Billions, with a Cagr of 5.8% for the next 10 years the max value of the market will be $272 Billions.
    What makes WineCoin Different?
    1- WineCoin is a Token Utility and not a classic cryptocurrency.
    To find out more, please read white paper section 5.3

    2- WineCoin is the only Token based on ERC-20 to be really limited, it has only 3 decimals and a total supply of 250.000.000.
    To learn more see White Paper section 5.2

    3- The WineCoin smart contract is based on DAICO standards and therefore all the rules on its functioning and the Tap function for investment protection are public and fully automated. Once the smart contract has been loaded on the Ethereum network, the team will no longer be able to modify it.
    To learn more see the white paper section 5.4 or visit the url
    Why is KYC verification required?
    KYC = Know Your Coustomer: includes user identification and identity verification by reviewing if its documents are reliable and independent. All submitted identity documents remain confidential. 

    KYC allows to delete transaction anonymity in order to prevent token purchases with illicit activities aim such as money laundering. It also serves to identify whether the citizen actually has the right to purchase the Token in full compliance with the laws in its country of Origin / Residence.
    How to buy Ethereum
    There are many online guides for that, for the Italian section we have also created a special one viewable on youtube at this address:

    For other languages we recommend one in English which in our opinion seems to be within everyone's reach, you can find it at this address:

    If you are willing to purchase the WineCoin, it is preferable to carry out the KYC procedure by clicking here before opening a wallet or proceeding with the purchase of crypto, in order to give the Followine team enough time to carry out the necessary check of provided documentation.
    Which countries can invest in the Followine ICO?
    Since the WineCoin is an Utility Token, the purchase is regulated by the laws in force concerning the country of origin / residence.

    If you have problems finding information about it within a few weeks our lawyers will provide a list of all the countries where you can not buy the Followine Tokens, so as to avoid bad surprises. If you do not want to wait, please fill out the form for the KYC (here) and the Followine team will take charge of your case personally sending as soon as possible an answer by mail, with all the appropriate information.