You can earn WineCoin by scanning Qrcodes, and help us to protect Wine Culture.

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What is Followine and why the WineCoin?

Followine is an innovative Italian start-up founded in June 2017 with the aim of developing a system capable of effectively counter the phenomenon of wine counterfeiting. More than five years and about €100k have been spent to travel the world, gather testimonies and data able to improve the anticounterfeiting system and our tracking algorithms.

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“Create a global ecosystem that connects the operators of the wine world and consumers”.

To fulfill our mission we need something to connect users and wine stakeholders together, so we have created Wine coin

Followine Circuit

The QR codes, printed directly on the wine labels, are activated and recorded on the platform. So, the authenticity of each bottle is guaranteed, thanks to our tracking system, Flextrack, that is able to distinguish genuine labels from forged ones.

Flextrack uses algorithms based on years of experience in wine counterfeiting market, this system is integrated with and not based on blockchain!

That gives us the opportunity to create the foundations of Followine Circuit based on a token the Wine Coin

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The consumer, simply by scanning QR codes, receives points that will be converted into WineCoin. The consumers can use them on the Followine marketplace or on e-commerce partners, or they can store them in their wallet and / or convert them to FIAT.


E-commerce, and other partners, can use WineCoins to purchase Followine services, or buy wine from participating producers and/or convert them to Fiat.

Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO
Whitepaper lightpaper DA-ICO


The manufacturer can pay Followine anti-counterfeiting services; in addition, he can purchase additional services in WineCoin or use them as exchange coin on the Followine B2B platform.


Followine Tokens that will come back to Followine will be inserted into the circuit and distributed through the scans of the QR codes. In this way, we are going to create the first circulating Token among several stakeholders. This is what an Utility Token means to be!

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Followine QR

Thanks to our free mobile app you can scan any QR code really fast. To find out if a bottle of wine is authentic, simply scan the Followine QR on the rear bottle label. Each scan has a prize, in order to involve users and thank them for their contribution to the fight against counterfeiting. Open Beta version releases on july 2022

Coming on 2022

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  • Token Name WineCoin
  • Symbol WINE
  • Decimals 3
  • Max Potential Supply 250.000.000
  • Tokens for IDO 10.000.000
  • Tokens for sale 7.500.000
  • Validation Supply 200.000.000
  • Token Price € 0,05
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    • Marketing/Advisors Token Whitepaper lightpaper IDO DA-ICO
    • Team Followine team IDO ICO
    • Wineries Followine advisor IDO DA-ICO
    • Exchange token wine coin exchange IDO ICO
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    Guaranteed Value

    Since the Followine Token is inserted in a growing economic circuit and not a stand-alone crypto, we can guarantee its purchasing power regardless of the listing.

    On the Followine platform, you can use WineCoin to buy wine bottles, at a guaranteed minimum value of € 0.10 regardless of the value of the token on the respective exchanges.


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    The road so far

    Followine pilot coin IDO


    More than five years and about 105k have been spent to travel the world, gather testimonies and data able to improve the anti-counterfeiting system and our tracking algorithms, Flextrack.

    Flextrack is able to both allow the traceability of the wine bottles and detect Where and When the counterfeiting occurred, as well as to provide the necessary data to trace back to those who carried out this illegal action.

    Since 2016 Followine has won several national prizes and recognitions, among the many 2 victories at the startup weekend, first prize at the LUISS University of Rome at the CSRIS, first prize at the country Hack Fest, finalist at digithon 2018 and first prize at 0-to-1 2019 award.

    2021 Q3

    Whitelist subscription

    2021 Q4

    Winecoin & IDO

    A good start

    followine ICO


    E-commerce partnerships and mobile app beta testing
    ITO token investment ICO

    2022 Q2

    NFTs for first Italian wineries

    2022 Q4

    Mobile app release and Exchange Listing
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    Engine On

    Compra bitcoin ICO


    Our B2B platform will start and the entire WineCoin circuit will be launched with all its B2B / B2C features on. New partnerships, new products, new services, many new features.

    2023 Q3

    Launch of marketplace for e-commerce and producers

    2023 Q4

    New Features release

    A new Blockchain

    Followine algorithm ICO


    Second version of the algorithm will be improved by new data analysis and forecast calculation
    Followine Algorithm ICO

    2024 Q2

    Test for our Blockchain, start AI training

    2024 Q4

    Final phase of the beta stage for blockchainand PoET consensus for B2B partners, new Wallet release.
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    Follow The Wine

    Blockchain buy bitcoin


    The new Blockchain will allow us to trace every single bunch of grapes. The principles: Decentralized, Public, Transparent, Self-sustainable, Included, Fast and Economic

    2025 Q2

    Distribution and activation of IoT supply among our wineries

    2025 Q4

    Start “wine from Grape to Bottle” project and Followine Blockchain

    A new star is born

    AI Italian Followine


    SARA is born to help us to realize our vision. The new AI allows us not only to automate and improve processes but to be able to prevent more and more types of counterfeiting even.
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